Street Tree Removal

Removal of Street Trees

Removal of a street tree (a tree located between the curb and the sidewalk) requires a permit - however, some exemptions and exceptions apply. See the flow chart (PDF) for more information. If the street tree is over 6 inches in diameter (measured at 4.5 feet above grade) or if any portion of the tree is within 15 feet of an energized power line, a permit is required. Removal of any live street tree, regardless of size, requires approval from the city.

If a street tree is removed and sufficient space exists to replace a tree (sufficient space being defined as an area between the curb and sidewalk 4 feet or greater) one must be planted in exchange for each tree removed. A free replacement permit is required to ensure the tree species used to replant is on the city's approved list.
Using a chainsaw to cut down a tree