Shaw Road Corridor Improvement Study

Shaw Road Study


The City of Puyallup is conducting a Corridor Study to identify needed improvements for the segment of Shaw Road between 12th Avenue SE and 23rd Avenue SE. These improvements will ease traffic congestion, make it easier to access side streets, and provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

The City has hired a consultant, KPG to evaluate improvement options and develop preliminary design drawings. A traffic analysis evaluated several different road widening options, and a preliminary design concept was recommended to accommodate future traffic volumes for the year 2040. The preliminary design concept will widen Shaw Road to add vehicle lanes to improve traffic flow, including a center turn lane to enhance safety and access to side streets, and add both a west side sidewalk and an east side shared use path that will match the previous phase of Shaw Road improvements between 23rd Avenue SE and Manorwood Drive. These non-motorized improvements will connect neighborhoods, schools, parks, and existing trails. The preliminary design concept will be presented at the first Public Open House on December 9.

Future project efforts will include development of design drawings of the preliminary design concept, a conceptual stormwater design, land surveying, utility coordination, Deer Creek realignment and culvert replacement, preliminary environmental design and permitting requirements, a preliminary geotechnical investigation, and a preliminary project funding estimate. The design drawings will allow the City to apply for grants and share with potential funding partners, such as Pierce County, to secure construction funding.

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In 2018 and 2019, the City constructed improvements to the adjacent segment of Shaw Road, between 23rd Avenue SE and Manorwood Drive. These improvements included adding a continuous left-turn lane, crosswalks, sidewalks, a shared-use path for biking and walking, and replacement of a sewer line. The project cost $7 million to complete and the City received grant funding from WSDOT, which covered most of the project cost.

As a continuation of that work, the City applied for additional WSDOT grant funds in 2020 to begin studying improvement opportunities for the next phase of Shaw Road between 12th Avenue SE and 23rd Avenue SE. The City was successful in securing a $614,000 grant from the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) to conduct this corridor study and prepare preliminary design drawings.

In December 2020, the Draft Traffic Analysis findings were shared with City Council. The analysis looked at potential lane widening options and concluded that by 2040, Shaw Road will be graded “F” on the City’s level of service grading scale, which uses between “A” and “F” to represent the amount of traffic congestion. To review the Traffic Analysis, please go to the Documents section of this page.


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