PuliCon 2018: Puyallup's Comic Convention

PuliCon Photography 

Professional photos will be available free of charge from Zuniga Photography! Did you have your photo taken? It's ready! 

You can download them from our site, or view them on our Facebook page

Pulicon Poster 2018

Comic Events & Activities

Thank you for joining us at PuliCon this year!

Meet local writers and artists at PuliCon, the Puyallup Public Library’s comic convention. We’ll have vendors, speakers, games, an artist's alley and more! And be sure not to miss our Free Comic Book Day table!

Meeker's Trail Tales:
A Retro Adventure

All Day

Do you have what it takes to journey on the Oregon Trail? Gather your provisions, hope for the best, and hit the trail with Ezra Meeker! Using the ClueKeeper app, you and your team must answer puzzles, follow clues, and solve this pioneering scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt will be free to access during PuliCon, and available for purchase after May 5, 2018.
Trail Tales