Active Permit Applications / Notices

Notice of Decision – P-15-0116 – Administrative Adjustment 

Applicant: Keith & Kyeung Techmeier
Site Address: 2307 41ST St SE 
Proposal: Administrative Adjustment permit request to allow a 15-percent reduction in required lot area for proposed ‘Lot 1’ in a proposed two-lot short plat (#P-15-0117) of an approximately 65,394 square foot lot. The property is located within the city’s RS-35 zone, which has a minimum lot size of 35,000 square feet. The reduction would allow the new proposed Lot 1 to be approximately 29,875 square feet. Proposed ‘Lot 2’ would meet the minimum lot area at approximately 35,518 square feet.

The original final approval, with conditions, decision issued by the Development Services Director for the Administrative Adjustment on November 14, 2017 was appealed on November 27, 2017. Per PMC 20.86.025(3), the Hearing Examiner conducted a public hearing on January 30, 2018 to consider the merits of the appeal. The Hearing Examiner issued a decision on the appeal on February 13, 2018, remanding the final administrative adjustment decision to the City of Puyallup Development Services Director for further consideration on specific items. The new Final Decision based on the Hearing Examiner’s remand decision was issued on May 4, 2018; materials regarding this decision can be referenced using the links below:

Notice of Application - P-18-0040

Applicant: CES NW, Inc.
Site Address: 2301 23rd St SE
Proposal: Proposed major plat subdivision application; 23 single family lots. Project will protect on-site wetlands, provide storm water management, new roads, utilities, landscaping. Lots range from 10,006 square feet (.25 acres) to 19,109 square feet (.44 acres).
Date posted: 4-9-18

Transmittal Preliminary Plat Application            Major Plat - Preliminary Plat Checklist
Preliminary Plat Map                                         Title
SEPA Checklist                                                 Traffic Scoping Worksheet
Critical Area Form                                             Preliminary Storm Drainage Report
Alternative Methods Request                            Geotechnical Report
Critical Areas Assessment                                 Pre-application Meeting Notes

Notice of Application - P-18-0021

Applicant: Innova Architects, Inc.
Site Address: xxx Valley Ave NW, East of 7th St NW)
Proposal: Construct new 44,090 SF business park building with associated parking and landscaping on a 3.17 acre site. Office space will occupy 9,000 SF & warehouse will occupy remaining 35,090 SF
Date posted: 3/5/18

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Notice of Application - P-18-0028

Applicant: City of Puyallup - Parks
Site Address: Tax Parcel 0420253069
Proposal: New City of Puyallup community park facility proposed on 18.12 acres. Proposed park will include multi-use sports fields, lighting, parking, landscaping and other park amenities. Park proposed to be constructed in three phases; phase I in 2018.
Date posted: 3/2/18

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Notice of Application - P-18-0004, 0005

Applicant: Azure Green Consultants
Site Address: Tax Parcel 3055000424
Proposal: Owner of vacant land is requesting multiple variances. Proposal: Reduction of front yard zoning setback from 25' to 15' and reduce buffer setback from Clark's Creek from 150' (required) to 120' and eliminate 10' bldg setback from 150' buffer setback.

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Notice of Public Hearing - P-17-0033 - Variance Request

Applicant: Louis Rudolph Homes
Site Address: 1116 7th Ave SW
Proposal: Variance for lot width - Proposed subdivision of parcel into two new lots. Parcel is zoned single family residential (RS-06). The minimum lot width in this zone is 50’. The applicant is seeking a variance from this requirement in order to make each lot only 36.58’ wide.

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Notice of Public Hearing -P-16-0002 - Conditional Use Permit

Applicant: Cascadia Senior Living
Site Address: 2101 & 2121 S. Meridian
Proposal: Conditional use permit request to construct a new 47,257 square foot, 66-bed memory care facility on a four-acre site zoned single/multiple family residential. The project will provide 48 parking stalls and be accessed from South Meridian. Please see the enclosed site plan for additional information on the proposed site layout.

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Notice of Public Hearing - P-17-0043 - Shoreline Substantial Development Permit

Applicant: WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife
Site Address: 1416 14th St SW
Proposal: Shoreline Substantial Development permit—Proposed re-construction of the WA State Fish and Wildlife fish hatchery facility, including renovation of rearing ponds, pollution abatement facilities and hatchery buildings.

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Notice of Application - P-17-0106

Applicant: Barghausen Engineers
Site Address: 3308 8th Ave SE
Project Description: Proposed improvements to existing Step-by-Step campus to include redevelopment of existing buildings, addition of new structures, utilities, landscaping, storm water management and a parking lot to accommodate new uses 11/1

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