Performance Puyallup Dashboard

Welcome to the Performance Puyallup Dashboard. In recent years our City has been working towards becoming a high-performance organization that evaluates and improves itself while staying transparent about how we serve the public.

The dashboard shows how the City’s strategic goals can translate into positive community outcomes through City staff's work every single day. Infographics like charts and graphs will help you understand key performance measures, at a glance, in different areas of service delivery. I invite you to explore the dashboard, learn more about our City's performance, and stop by monthly to see the latest data.

Steve Kirkelie
City Manager

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How were the Performance Categories and the Key Performance Measures determined?
In November 2020, Puyallup City Council adopted the 'Our Future, Our Puyallup' City Strategic Plan 2021-2022. This two-year plan is supported by four strategic goals - Vibrant Economy, Safe Community, Livable & Healthy Community, and Organizational Excellence. Each of these goals was identified through community input and discussions with City Council and staff.
The key performance measures within each category are used to monitor progress as the City implements the various initiatives under each goal. 

Where does the data come from?
Different departments provide operational data to the City Manager's Office staff who keep the dashboard updated. Targets, where available, are also provided by the department that owns the particular key performance measure. Targets are either based on historical data, or, current levels of service.

How often is the dashboard data updated?
Depending on the key performance measure, the data is updated monthly or quarterly. Community ratings will be updated every two years as the City plans to conduct citywide satisfaction surveys on a biennial basis.

I have a question about the dashboard; who can I contact?
Departmental staff information is available under the Contact tab for the majority of the key performance metrics. You can also call the City's Performance Management Analyst at (253) 841-5500 or email