Spring Clean-up

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Spring is here…and now is a great time to do some extra cleaning! Whether it is yard work, getting rid of that faulty dishwasher, or shredding all those extra papers piled in a desk drawer, spring is the perfect time to tidy up and prepare for the summer.

To assist you in this process each spring, the City of Puyallup partners with Murrey's Disposal to offer an additional opportunity to recycle and dispose of household items properly. On specified days in April and May, Puyallup utility customers can leave up to three extra bags of yard waste and garbage curbside for pick-up. This free service is provided as a courtesy to utility customers and as an incentive to spruce up your property! Spring Clean-up is happening April 26 through 30 and again on May 3 through 7, 2021.

Spring Clean-Up — Dates

Please note that your Spring Clean-Up Week is determined by your yard waste week. This will not be the same week for everyone.

» If your yard waste week is the week of April 26th, that is your Spring Clean-Up week.

» If your yard waste week is the week of May 3rd, that is your Spring Clean-Up week.

Spring Clean-Up — Curbside Service

Extra Garbage

Puyallup utility customers may leave up to three extra bags of garbage for curbside pickup on their regular garbage pickup day during their Spring Clean-up. The garbage must be securely tied in garbage bags and should not weigh more than 40 pounds. Please do not use personal garbage cans. Tires will not be accepted. Place all items at the curb before 7 am on your service day.

Extra Yard Waste

Customers may also leave up to three extra containers of yard waste at the curb on their regularly scheduled yard waste service day during their Spring Clean-up week. Use bio-degradable lawn waste bags. Please do not use personal garbage cans or containers. Containers should not exceed 40 pounds and should be placed at the curb before 7 am.

Recycle Major Appliances

This is also the time when customers can recycle one major appliance at no charge. Secure the doors of the appliance and leave it at the curb the Monday of your Spring Clean-up week. Your appliance could be picked up any day, so be sure it’s set out no later than 7 am on Monday. Appliances eligible for recycling are: Refrigerator, freezer, stove/range, furnace, dryer, hot water tank, washer, dishwasher, trash compactor.

Shredding Day

Date: Saturday, May 1st, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm 

Location: AOB Parking Lot (3rd St SW, behind the Puyallup Public Library)

The City will accept up to six large shopping bags of documents per household for shredding.

All shredding will be done on site so you can be assured that no sensitive documents will be transported in an un-shredded condition. Other shredding events are available at various times of the year in other Pierce County locations.

Contact Us

If you are unsure about your garbage pickup schedule or if you need Spring Clean-Up service information, contact: Murrey’s Disposal at 253-414-0347 or visit their website at www.murreysdisposal.com

Downtown Puyallup Community Cleanup

In addition to the Spring Clean Up, the Downtown Puyallup Main Street Association is hosting a Community Cleanup event on Saturday, April 24, 2021. For more information about this event, please visit their website here: https://www.puyallupmainstreet.com/signature-events/community-cleanup/