February 23, 2021 Public Hearing

The City of Puyallup proposes to annex a 134-acre area of the city’s Urban Growth Area known as the “Freeman Road Annexation,” located northwest of Puyallup corporate limits. The annexation area is an unincorporated area of Pierce County that is surrounded by the City of Puyallup, Fife and Edgewood, and is bound by Valley Ave NW, Freeman Road E and N Levee Rd. At the February 23rd virtual hearing, the City Council accepted public comment on the following two items:  

  • Annexation of the 134-acre annexation area (expected to become effective in April 2021); and  
  • Assignment of City zoning to the proposed annexation area. Per State Law, all properties within an annexation area must be assigned City zoning prior to annexation.  

The City Council also conducted first reading of two ordinances: one regarding the proposed code text amendment for the Freeman Road Overlay Zone, and another on the proposed pre-annexation zoning and annexation. Please see the meeting agenda packet for more information. 

The Planning Commission is an advisory committee that provides formal recommendations to the Puyallup City Council. The Commission held public hearings on January 27, 2021 and February 10, 2021, and provided a recommendation on zoning and zoning overlay designations for the annexation area. The Planning Commission recommends the following zoning designations to City Council: 

  • Limited Manufacturing (ML) for the majority of the annexation area;
  • RM-10 (medium density multi-family residential) zoning for one parcel;
  • Public Facilities (PF) zoning for one parcel; and, additionally, 
  • application of the Agricultural Overlay and a proposed "Freeman Road Overlay" zone to specific properties in the annexation area. 

Please see the map below for the locations of the proposed zoning and zoning overlay designations being considered.  Additional information is provided on the webpages for the other public hearings.

Please be aware that State Law requires the City Council to hold two public hearings on pre-annexation zoning. The Feb. 23rd public hearing was the first hearing; the second hearing is anticipated April 27, 2021. 

Proposed Zoning & Overlay Designations 

Please see the map below for the proposed zoning and zoning overlay designations within the annexation area.

  1. Kendall Wals

    Long Range Planning - Associate Planner

Freeman_Proposed Zoning_with overlays