Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Help

The Municipal Court staff is more than happy to help you find answers to your questions. However, by law, we can only help you in certain ways. Before contacting us, please review the following.

What we can do

We can tell you how to find laws, court rules and procedures. We also assist you with court schedules, and how to get something scheduled. We can give you suggested resources for finding a lawyer and also how to find public information on case files. We can refer you to court forms, rules, instructions and also sell you copies of public court documents. We can also tell you how to pay your fines, fees, and outstanding account balances.

What we cannot do

We cannot tell you what to say in court, who to sue, and whether or not you should file a case. We cannot provide legal advice, contact a lawyer on your behalf, or refer you to specific lawyers. We also cannot tell you how we think your case will turn out. When filling out legal forms, we cannot tell you how to fill them out, nor can we fill them out on your behalf. And we absolutely cannot change a judge's order nor arrange a private meeting with a judge.

Remote Access and Hearing Questions

In response to COVID-19, the Municipal Court has adopted changes when appearing at the courthouse. This includes conducting Hearings remotely via Zoom. Here are some common questions when attending court remotely. Need help accessing Zoom? Here is a link on How to Join a Zoom Meeting.

What if I have to file a document with the court?

The court will accept filings by e-mail to during the pendency of this order.

What if I don’t have an electronic device to appear via Zoom?

You may appear at the court for your scheduled hearing.  A device will be provided for you.  Please note, a face covering must be worn while at the courthouse.  

How do I pay my ticket or fine if I can't go inside the courthouse?

Payments and correspondence may be left in the Court’s drop box located outside the clerk’s office.  Do not leave cash payments.  Payments can also be made online or by calling Ncourt.  If you cannot pay a ticket or fine, please call the clerk’s office at (253) 841-5450 to learn about other options such as setting up a payment plan or receiving an extension. 

What if I had or want a hearing to contest or mitigate my ticket?

No in person infraction hearings will be held until further order of the Court.  Rules relating to the scheduling of speedy hearings are suspended.

Mitigation hearings or contested hearings may be conducted by mail or email where requested.  The court may also schedule a virtual hearing via Zoom.

Click here for more information.  

What if I have an appointment with my probation officer or case manager?

Contract probation or community court case manager for more direction. 

As always, wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, and cover coughs and sneezes. Additional guidance on how to protect yourself and others is available from Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.

Please consult our Remote Hearing FAQ document for additional tips and suggestions.

Common Questions

How do I make payment arrangements?

If your ticket is not in collections the court can schedule payments on a fine or penalty by visiting the clerk’s office during regular office hours and scheduling a payment agreement. The minimum monthly payment is usually $50 per month. If you opt to pay rather than appear for your hearing, you must contact the court prior to your hearing to make arrangements.

Is the Milton Municipal Court also at the Puyallup Court location?

Yes, you are correct. In 2013 Puyallup assumed court services for the City of Milton. Court hearings and payments for Milton Court are also processed at the 929 E Main, Puyallup location. 

I just got a summons letter for jury duty. How do I request an excusal?

To be eligible for jury service in Puyallup or Milton Courts, you must have an address within Puyallup or Milton (depending on the court which has summoned you), must be 18 years of age or older, be a U.S. citizen, have the ability to understand and speak English, and have no convictions for a felony. If any of these criteria are not met, notify the jury clerk by email or letter of the situation. To be excused from jury service, you must demonstrate that serving jury duty would be a hardship. Statute requires this be done in writing (email or letter) providing the reason / s you are unable to serve. You may do this also online on the Court's website.  The jury clerk will notify you whether or not you have been excused. Employment is generally not considered a reason to be excused from jury duty.  For more information review our Jury Duty page.

What happens if I miss my court date?

If you've missed a court date for a minor traffic offense (mitigation or contested hearing) and payment has not been received, the failure to appear is reported to Department of Licensing and the case is placed into a collection process. Receipt of full payment or signing a payment agreement immediately following a non-appearance will adjudicate the pending suspension action by Department of Licensing. If you wish to reschedule a missed hearing, a letter should be submitted to the court as only the judge has the authority to authorize a new hearing date.

I just got a red light camera ticket. What do I do?

Red light camera infractions are processed similar to parking violations. They are not reported to Department of Licensing and do not appear on your driving record. They can however delay renewal of your vehicle tabs if unpaid. The rules in responding to red light violations are the same as a traffic infraction. You must respond within 18 days to the notice either by

1) sending payment;

2) requesting a hearing; or

3) submitting the Declaration that’s attached to your notice.

Please note, if you submit the Declaration it generally takes 3 - 4 weeks for review and response.

For a complete list of FAQs, please visit our page here.