Our Community Adventure

Is your family ready to map out a path to learning and adventure?  Join us in this cooperative program with the Pierce County Library System and Tacoma Public Library to help young learners navigate their community.

Community Adventure is a fun way to engage young children by combining elements of a scavenger hunt with activities they can do around their neighborhood.  All you need is the game board and imagination!

How Do I Play?

Print a copy of the game board, or stop by any Pierce, Tacoma or Puyallup library to pick up a copy.  On one side of the board is a map that starts at your house and travels through the community to the library.  On the other side of the map is a list of activities that you must complete to advance your family around the game board.  Each activity is worth from 1-4 game spaces.  You do not need to complete all of the activities to reach the library at the end of the game board, but we encourage you to try as many as you can!

When you reach the end of the board, bring your map into the library and select a prize! Each child may claim one prize per game board completed.  The activities were selected with children ages 2-5 in mind, but the whole family can play!

Game Board in English

Game Board in Spanish

Prizes?  I Love Prizes!

Children who complete the game board will have a choice of one of the following items, while supplies last:

-Cloth tote bag
-Paperback book
-Sippy cup
-Blue maraca

When Can I Play?

There is currently one game board available.  You can start at any time.  A new game board will be released in early 2020.  You can complete them in any order at any time.

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