Park Impact Fees

Background Information on Park Impact Fees:
The Growth Management Act grants counties and cities the authority to assess park impact fees on new development. There are generally two methods of determining impact fees: the "standards-driven" approach and the "improvements-driven" approach. The standards-driven method uses the adopted standards to arrive at the need for additional park space and facilities (as a unit cost) to serve each increment of growth.

Determining the Customer Base:
According to Washington law (RCW 82.02.050), "impact fees can be imposed for system improvements that are reasonably related to the new development; can not exceed a proportionate share of the costs of system improvements that are reasonably related to the new development; and should be used for system improvements that will reasonably benefit the new development.

​Under the standards based approach, park impact fees are initially calculated on a per capita basis. These impact fee unit costs theoretically represent the amount of capital spending required to serve one additional City resident.

​Impact fees are collected on a "per dwelling unit" basis. The calculated "per capita" impact fee may be converted into a "per dwelling unit" fee using an assumed average number of occupants per swelling unit. The City of Puyallup's current fee schedule has three fee classes: single family residential, multi-family residential, and mobile/manufactured home.

​Please see the below link for the full Park Impact Fees cost and detailed explanation.

Park Impact Fees Report